Scrabble tiles that spell January

9 January Poems To Start Fresh

Inside: January poems to start fresh today. New month, new year, new us. Get refreshed with these sonnets to the first month of the year January 1 is the start of so many new things. Not only a new month, but obviously a new year as well. As you go into a new year, as […] Read more…

A simple snowman

13 Chill Winter Acrostic Poem Examples

Inside: 13 chill winter acrostic poem examples. Winter is coming, if it’s not already here where you live, and it’s totally a poetry heavy season, if you’re interested in poetry. Whether it’s cold-weather moody poetry or fun and celebratory poetry, there will be poetry involved in the mood of the season. These acrostic poetry examples […] Read more…

A turkey in the wild

21 Funny Turkey Poem Ideas To Share On Turkey Day

Inside: Funny turkey poem ideas to share on turkey day. Turkeys have become a staple icon in the month of November– as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, it’s time for Christmas music and peppermint mochas. But the first thing up on the calendar of the holiday season is of course turkey day! […] Read more…

rainbow poems and printables featured image

27 Rainbow Poem Ideas And Printable Stanzas

Inside: Rainbow Poem Ideas and Printables for Rainbow Lovers. Rainbows are symbols of hope. They represent a moment of peace after a storm, both in nature and in life.  Rainbows have served as colorful muses for poets for generations. When they show their rare beauty, it’s easy to be mesmerized by their cheerful colors.  We […] Read more…

Sweet September Poems Field Sunset Picture

7 September Poems For A Sweet Start To Fall

Inside: Sweet September Poems to enchant you. September is that turning point month we all look forward to. The weather turns more mild, even cold for some, and the trees begin to change colors. Autumn is on its way! September is the month of the harvest, shortening days, yellowing leaves and sweet apple harvests. It […] Read more…

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