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31 Earth Day Acrostic Poems To Celebrate Our Home

Inside: 31 Earth Day acrostic poems to celebrate our home. Let’s treat Earth with care, shall we?

Not too long ago, I went through a major hippie phase, begging the people in my life to care about the environment more, went completely no waste, vegan, and only shopped from thrift stores and certified ethical brands. And you could forget about using beauty products that were tested on animals!

While that’s a phase of the past now for me, I still so deeply care for our planet and try to make choices every day that create a better environment for us now and for the future generations that will come after us.

I love that we have a holiday in order to celebrate the planet that we get to call home, and make it a day to think about all of the different ways that we can be intentional to create a better home.

Earth Day Acrostic Poems for Globe loving

While many companies and activists are taking huge strides in our culture right now to take better initiative with the environment, there are still little reminders that we can give ourselves to make sure we stay on top of our own responsibilities. While larger entities carry more responsibilities than individuals, it’s still our home too and these little poems about Earth Day and loving our planet are the perfect reminder to take your reusable cup with you or to recycle those cans instead of trashing them.

Let’s work together!

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day

This is a great question because honestly, we really could just bypass the day completely. But if we’re being totally real, I think we all need a day to be reminded that what we do matters and our actions have consequences. Even on our home planet. If we choose to shop mindfully instead of buying into every single fast fashion trend, or if we choose to reuse cups instead of grabbing a new plastic one every time we take a drink, we’re working towards a cleaner planet and better habits.

A lot of environmentalism really comes from a place of good habits. You don’t have to change every habit you have or your entire lifestyle just to become an “environmentalist” but you do have little things that you can change to become more mindful about your impact on the Earth.

And Earth day every year is a great time to be reminded of what you can be doing to change the tone of the way that you treat the world around you. When we go out and spend time in nature to plant a tree with a local organization or when we even simply read one of these poems as a reminder of how much we should love and appreciate the planet, we are doing good in the world.
Remember, be the change that you want to see in the world!

How To Use These Poems

These poems are perfect to add on to little projects you have around for the Earth Day celebrations and activities you have going on.

Maybe you don’t plan to do anything to commemorate, but you want to post a little something to your social media, this would be perfect! Whether on your story or on your feed, these Earth Day acrostic poems are perfect for sharing online.

If you’re a teacher and plan to take on some projects with your students, introducing these poems are a great example to get them started on their own acrostic poetry journeys as you teach them about Earth Day. Whatever age group, bringing poetry into the mix is always a great way to educate and get students thinking creatively.

And if you’re going above and beyond and hosting an event for Earth Day, even an initiative to go out and plant some trees, flowers, or whatever you have in mind, these poems would make great email reminders, invitations, or thank you cards for attending the event.

Have fun with them and whatever you choose to do with these poems, all you have to do is appreciate them. And the Earth.

Environment Poetry

1. Earth Day Poem

Each person conserving energy
Assisting in protecting our planet
Reducing, reusing, and recycling
Together we can save the Earth
Helping to heal our world

by Teaching Resources

A person with their bike standing on a mountain

2. Earth Day Acrostic

Everyone can help the planet
All people can recycle
Reuse things when you can
Together we can make the Earth nice
Help the Earth!

by Naomi

3. Earth Day

E is for the Environment
A is for Amazing Animals
R is for Radiant Weather
T is for Troubled Tornadoes
H is for Horrific Hurricanes

D is for Dainty Flowers
A is for Amazing Outdoor Adventures
Y is for You Can Do Your Part To Save The Earth

by Emily Krauss

Earth Day Acrostic Poems

4. Recycle

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Educate others about recycling
Catch up with recycling
You can make earth cleaner and greener
Can you accomplish it
Learn about what happens to the earth
Even kids can help

by If Then

5. Earth Day

Earth is our planet
April 22nd, we celebrate
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Take pride in our planet
Help do your part

Doing a little each day helps
Animals and plants need our help
You can help every day

by Storie

6. Earth

Earth is our planet
April April let’s celebrate
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Take care of our place
Have a healthy planet

by European Writers

Acrostic Poetry About Earth Day

Hand holding a phone with a recycle graphic and a reusable grocery bag in the back

7. A Poem About Earth Day

Every day can be an Earth day
Always pick up the trash
Recycle every day
Think about the Earth
Hug a tree

Do not litter
Always care for trees and the Earth
You can plant a garden

by the 2nd Grade

8. April 22nd

Are you ready to help the planet
Please try your best
Reduce reuse recycle
It takes just a little work to have
Less garbage and a better planet
2 different bags, 1st for the garbage and the
2nd for the plastics, paper, and glass bottles.
No excuses! It’s time to do your part!
Do you know what Earth day is?

by Ken Malcolm

9. Save Our Planet

Everyone pitch in now
Avoid sending things to the landfill
Recycle, reduce, and reuse your things
Teach others to care for the earth
Help reduce waste and pollution

Donate, don’t discard
Aluminum cans are recyclable
Yay! We can do it if we do it together.

by Gianna B

10. Environment

Everyone should care
No one should ignore a world so
Vital and green
Inviting and teeming with life. Mother earth
Recolves around our respect, how we take
Ownership of our actions; and
Never forget our inheritance. We must
Mind our responsibility and pass along
Every moment of beauty bestowed upon us;

Nurture a green future for our children and
Try to preserve mother nature’s gift to us all

by Carolyn Brunelle

Writing Poetry

A green stone

11. Earth

Elements thrive in different areas of the world
Abundance of natural wealth and resources
Rich in common stones and rare minerals of the Earth
Things got complicated in issues of desires
Hatred and greed dominates the rich and poor

by ER Brown Chiong

12. EARTH – Acrostic

E-arth has a satellite namely the moon to round it
A-round the sun the earth itself rounds
R-adius it has approximately 6,378 kilometers
T-he dimensions are almost 1.08 x 10 12 km3
H-owever, it varies proportionally for equator and polars.

by Muzahidul Reza

13. Earth

Elements essential for everyone’s every day existence
Amplitude anatomy akin and alien amongst all of us
Reaping reason rampantly relying really in reminiscence
Terrifying terrific turbulent taking tearing talons
Heaving horrible hue of habitual hopscotch humans

by Meriki Raelene ParkinsonFraser

Earth day is such a great opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful gifts that the Earth gives us. While we take advantage of it so often, the Earth really is a great home for us. Let us celebrate her and mother nature and take these Earth Day acrostic poems to be reminders of how lovely the Earth is and how we should be taking care of the environment around us.

Poetry has a wonderful way of serving as a beautiful reminder of the many facets of life that we tend to either neglect or forget about. Let these poems speak to you, remind you, and show you what really matters this month, and that it’s the health and well being of our home.

If you want to sit back and appreciate some of the most lovely details of nature, start with flowers. Here are some poems about lavender to get started.

Kids Earth Day Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems are very popular among kids. They’re a great way to get them thinking about words and how they can be put together to create a message. The poems below are made for kids and by kids, but anyone can enjoy them!

  1. Everyday Earth gains pollution

Average pollution rates are rising

Rarely does it drop

That could put us in danger

Hairs away from danger


Dare I ask what will you be doing

And make pollution nothing 

You can make a difference


  1. Earth Day is a day to talk about earth

Art to make about the earth

Recycle cans, bottles, and paper

Together we can save our earth

Help by not killing animals


Decorate our Earth and make it pretty

All Earth can be saved by not throwing

Your garbage out the window of your car

  1. Earth is something to be celebrated 

And you should be there too

Recycle and reuse

The earth is a special place

Heart is in the Earth


Dance on the sun

And dance on the moon

You will have fun too


  1. Earth day is celebrated world wide

Anybody can help 

Recycling is better for the earth

The world gets pulled everyday 

Help the earth every instead


Day by day you can help

Anybody can make a difference 

You can to.



  1. Earth is our home

And it’s our job to take care of it.

Recycling and eliminating helps

That’s not all we can do though! 

Having more eco-friendly products, 


Disposing oil appropriately,

And conserving energy are great! 

You and I can begin today. 



  1. Eat all my food! 

April has Earth day


Help players in need!


Dig to grow plants

Apple Trees

You should save the Earth

Chris the gamer


  1. Eat apples.

Air is fresh.

Reminder not to litter.

Thoughtful day for the earth.

Happy day. 


Don’t cut down trees on this day.

A very good day

Yay for earth day.


Save Planet Earth Acrostic Poems 

There are so many ways to help save our planet. We can start by making small changes in our own lives. Every little bit helps! These Earth day acrostic poems are a reminder that we need to take care of our Earth and all of the reasons why.

  1. Everyone can help the planet.

All people can recycle.

Reuse things when you can.

Together we can make the Earth nice. 

Help the Earth! 



  1. Everyone can do their part

Act right now

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Together we can make a difference

Help keep the Earth beautiful.



  1. Everyone lights off

At the earliest you can nourishes 

Think about the earth

Have a heart


Don’t lose hope

A summer day will come

You will spend it with me

Western Interior Design Group Ltd


  1. Each person conserving energy

Assisting in protecting our planet

Reducing, reusing, and recycling

Together we can save the Earth

Helping to heal our world

Unique Teaching Resources


  1. Environmental action can be taken every day

April 22 is when we celebrate holiday

Reduce Reuse Recycle is slogan for this holiday

Trees clean and cool air around us so planting more trees is beneficial

Help preserve natural world for future generations: Don’t Pollute


Do turn off lights and faucets to save energy and water if not using them

Animal are affected by all kinds of pollution

Yes, YOU can make a difference

Teachers Pay Teachers


  1. Earth is our planet

April 22nd, we celebrate

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Take pride in our planet

Help do your part


Doing a little each day helps

Animals and plants need our help

You can help every day

STORIES by Storie


Earth Acrostic Poems by Schools

It’s true. Schools are where the next generation of environmentalists and conservationists are born. These poems celebrate our Earth, but also remind us of the work that still needs to be done.

  1. Earth day is celebrated world wide. 

Anybody can help the earth like put your trash in the bin

Recycling is good for the earth

The world get polluted everyday

Help the earth everyday like not throwing trash in the ocean


Day by day you can help the earth

Anybody can make a difference to the earth

You can help the earth out like not wasting water 

St. Teresa of Calcutta Grade 3 Timberwolves


  1. Ever so fun to recycle

Anything to the earth

Recycle every day! 

Take care of the earth every day! 

How is your backyard doing? Pick it up and recycle.

QSI International School of Skopje


  1. Earth is our home

always keep it clean

respect the atmosphere

treat Earth kindly

have fun while keeping it clean!


always pick up behind yourself

your help is needed to make Earth happy! 

Walnut Creek Elem


  1. Earth Day is here! 

Are we going to reduce our use of palm oil?

reduce, reuse, recycle

The animals need YOU!

Help us save our planet 


Dangerous toxins filling our home planet

All we need is your help to save it

You can make the world change with one step

West View Primary School


  1. Everybody doing their part

Assisting to help our planet

Reducing, reusing, and recycling

Telling others to do their part

Help clean the planet

SRPSD Distance Learning Center


  1. Clean up

Love the planet

Earth is nature

Animal life

Nature is beautiful

Play outside

Apple tree

Reduce reuse recycle

Keep earth clean

Save earth

SRPSD Distance Learning Center

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