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11 Respect Acrostic Poem Ideas & Examples

Inside: Encouraging kids to write their own Respect Acrostic Poem is a great way to teach life and poetry lessons.

Acrostic poems are a great way to teach kids poetry. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically.

For today’s poem ideas, we are working on the word “respect”. Respect is a great word for kids to focus on, whether at school or at home. 

If you need some ideas for teaching your kids acrostic poems, here are Respect Acrostic Poem Ideas for home or your classroom. 

respect acrostic poem ideas

Poems to Reflect on Respect

1. R – Right to learn 

E – Effort

S – Safety

P – Purpose

E – Enthusiasm

C – Challenge

T – Trust

respect acrostic poem for school

2.) R – Reach out and help others

E – Eyes and ears on the person who is speaking

S – Smile & be friendly 

P – Play fairly with your friends 

E – Everyone takes turns 

C – Care for other people’s property

T – Treat others how you would like to be treated

3.) R – Respect…

E – Each other

S – Self 

P – Property

E – Environment

C – Children

T – Teacher

4.) R – Respond politely

E – Ears set to “listening”

S – Stay focused

P – Prove ideas

E – Express your opinions

C – Complete your assignments

T – Take turns

Acrostic poems about respecting others

5.) R – Respect your friends

E – Empathy rocks

S – Show sympathy

P – Politeness wins

E – Everyone should be treated equally 

C – Caring and sharing

T – Treat others with kindness 


6.) R – Remember to use manners

E – Everyone should be included 

S – See the good in everyone 

P – Put other first 

E – Encourage others to do their best

C – Care for others

T – Take care of other people’s belongings 

How to Write Poem

7.) R – Right to learn 

E – Effort

S – Safety 

P – Purpose 

E – Enthusiasm

C – Challenge

T – Trust


8.) R – Respond to others with kindness 

E – Establish friendship

S – Share responsibilities 

P – Prepare for class

E – Expect the best of yourself 

C – Cooperate with others

T – Talk appropriately to others 

9.) R – Respect

E – Excellence

S – Serenity

P – Peace

E – Empathy

C – Calm

T – Teachable

Respect Poems for the office

10.) R – Read daily

E – Educate yourself

S – Slow down

P – Purposefully learn new things

E – Enthusiasm

C – Challenge yourself

T – Take risks

11.) R – Respect

E – Exhibits

S – Simple,

P – Proper,

E – Excellent,

C – Commitment

T – To another human being

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