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9 Veterans Acrostic Poem Ideas For Veterans Day

Inside: 9 veterans acrostic poem ideas for Veterans Day to honor the vets in our lives!

Veterans day isn’t just another bank holiday or day off of school, though it’s become this for many of us.
When we’re so far removed from the last major war that the United States was involved in and we don’t know too many people who have fought for us overseas, it can be so easy to just kind of forget what we are celebrating when Veterans day rolls around.

I have more than a few veterans in my family and even I have a hard time remembering that they should be honored on this day.

Respecting those that have done what the rest of us would never do is a big deal!

So as you’re teaching your kids to honor veterans or if you want to send a card to a family member this veterans day, here are some veterans acrostic poems to share.

veterans acrostic poem ideas for school and home

Acrostic Poems About Veterans

Need to collect your thoughts about those that have fought for us in battle? It’s a tough spot to put yourself in mentally sometimes because if we have never gone, it truly feels like an impossible feat. These acrostic poems are simple and truly get your head in the same with some of them!

Spreading the respect, honor, and value that they deserve for what they have done is the least we can do for our veterans. Using these acrostic poems about them and everything that they do is one way to portray and really think through everything we are to honor.

No matter the branch or length of their service, there’s a reason to value each veteran we encounter. Share these poems with friends and family.

1. By Emily Veras

Victory to the USA
Eternally Grateful
Troops of our nation
Excellent Service
Respect to our nation
Amazing Heroes

2. By Unkown

Veterans Day
Thank you
Eleventh 11th
Red Paper Poppies

A solider in uniform

Honoring Veterans: Acrostic Poems

Several of my family members on my father’s side of the family have fought in various wars or served in the other branches of the military during war time. It’s a wild thought to think about, and even wilder when I realize that I didn’t know what that meant when I was growing up with them.

These poems might just be something that kids can use to get the gears turning and realize what it really means to serve in a war. For the most part, I know children have an easy time seeing men and women in camouflage uniforms and knowing that they’re heroes.

If you’re trying to teach some of the kids in your life about what it means to be a veteran, read these acrostic poems and then find some templates to create your own! Having to put their own words to it might help the concept grow even more.

3. Mrs. Lyons Sixth Grade

Victory or defeat
Every veteran
Takes time to fight for our country
Everyone thanks them
Remembering to help them
Nicely and kindly
Sympathetically, I say thanks to all the veterans

4. Mrs. Lyon’s Sixth Grade

Very obedient to the commander
Everyone has a job in life
To protect America and fight for
Each freedom we have
Ready to stand up for each other and for
Never will we forget the brave sacrifices that these
Special people made to protect us and keep us safe

Veterans Acrostic Poems

These acrostic poems about veterans are inspirational and remind me why we celebrate the people that we do!

It’s important to let those that have risked so much know that we value what they have done. And it’s easy to forget what they’ve done. So I try to let these poems speak, or even try to let them move me in a way that I even inwardly honor the sacrifice even more than before.

5. By Layla

Veterans fought for us
Ever veteran is a hero
They protect us
Each veteran should be thanked
Remember November 11th
After the war they came home
Never forget our heroes

6. Mrs. Lyon’s Sixth Grade

Valiantly serving
Endangering their lives for other
Tolerant of all conditions
Enduring through it all
Ready to save lives, because that is what they do
Always remembered. You have
Never failed us
Super heroes we will never you forget

7. By Felicia Mckenzie

Vigilant veterans around the world
Every soldier united
Trying to save their country
Encouraging people to hope
Reaching their goals for defense
Always striving to keep the peace
Never turning their backs on their country

A veteran holding a flag

Veterans Day Poems

Veterans day tends to sneak up on us and just be a day on the calendar next week that I forgot I would have off of work.

Let it be more than that– read up on these acrostic poems and get inspired to show your gratitude this year. They’ve done and seen more than we could ever imagine!

8. Remember

Remembrance Day
Every soldier was loved
Millions of soldiers died
Every year we wear a poppy
Memories of war
Bad days in war. Brave battle.
Every day we stand on guard for our country

9. By Lila Mitchell

Welcome veterans
Each day we think of you

Remember be a strong person
Every veteran fights hard
Many veteran protects us
Every veteran helps each other
Many veterans are proud of what they did
Be a good person for us
Every veteran has courage
Remember to be strong

Hopefully you have found some of these veterans acrostic poem ideas to be insightful and even inspiring to you as you’re remembering veterans today. Whether they’re in your family, you’re dating or married to one, or you just want to make sure they don’t go unnoticed, these are some words you can remember them by.

Acrostic poems are fun to do and easy to do too when it comes down to it. Using them as school assignments or creative writing prompts are an easy way to get the mind rolling when it’s time to think about getting creative.

This veterans day, remember what we’re really taking the time to observe on the holiday and know that just because they’re not always bold and loud about their experiences, doesn’t mean they truly experienced anything less than a war.

Here are some more acrostic poem ideas for you: this one is for father’s day! The ones who really love the handwritten poems.

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