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9 Examples Of Acrostic Poems On Friends

Inside: 9 examples of an acrostic poem on friends for a simple little project for the people you love the most.

Acrostic poetry is so fun and such a creative project for anyone of any age. While it mainly feels like a kids’ poetry assignment, the older and more elaborate and creative you are, the more you can come up with really cool and clever acrostic poems.

And writing any poetry about friends and friendships is so precious. It’s a wonderful way to express to the people that you have chosen to hold close in your life how much you value and love them. Poetry is an open window to the soul, mind, and feelings, and even something as easy and lighthearted as an acrostic poem is a chill way to be relaxed and open about your appreciation for your friends.

If you need some ideas and inspiration, here are 9 examples of an acrostic poem on friends.

Acrostic Poems on Friends To Share

Maybe you need some examples for your classroom if you’re a teacher or maybe you’re doing your own and you’re stuck on one word. Or maybe you want to nix the idea of writing your own completely and need a few that you can copy down into a card or an invitation.

Maybe you’re hosting a dinner party for your friends and you want something cute and fun to do for the invitation or the place settings. There are so many creative ways to incorporate poetry into your life and your relationships, and acrostic poems are the easiest ones to do it with.

Play with these different poem ideas and have fun with it!

Are Acrostic Poems For Kids

A quick and easy question to answer– acrostic poems are generally a kids project, which is a great way to get them talking about their friends and sharing kind words with people that they love.

However, as mentioned before, I think acrostic poems from a more advanced standpoint is a really fun way to get more creative with poetry. It’s like a haiku– once you have reached a certain point of confident poetry writing, adding new rules and structure to it makes it a little more interesting and fun to write, even about simple and broad subjects like friendship.

So while this is generally a kids’ practice, enjoy the simplicity and have fun with it! It might make for a really interesting project.

Friends Acrostic Poems

Poems about your friends can be easy to relate to– if your friends are your favorite people and if they make you happy to be around, then you know you’ve got some great friends by your side! So some of the simple acrostic poems that generally lay out the simplicity of having good friends are perfect to compare to your friendships with your besties.

Every day is a great day to tell the people in your life that you love and cherish them, so make today the day you shoot them a text or mail them a card with these poems inside. Who doesn’t love receiving mail from friends, and better yet, who doesn’t love receiving mail from friends that tell you exactly how they feel about you and how much they love you.


Fight for you
Respect you
Include you
Encourage you
Need you
Deserve you
Stand by you

by Anonymous

teal graphic with black text

2. Friends

Friends are precious gifts
Rare and hard to find
Invisible when life is good
Ever near when your sun doesn’t shine
Nothing is ever too much
Distance never too far
Standing by your side when your dreams have passed you by.

by John P. Read

3. Always there for Freinds

Friends are there for you no matter what.
Relationships get better, they don’t go down, they go up.
If anything happens to you, do not worry.
Every one of your friends will be there in a hurry.
Never give up, you have friends there for you.
Do not be sad, good friends will always be true.
Share your love, and you could make more.
Heal other friendships, you will have more to adore.
Inside each person, there’s a special bond.
Powerful magic that goes on and on.

by Grace Martinez

4. Friendship forever

Friends are always there for you
Real friendship will last forever
I will love my friends forever
Everyone needs a friend
No bullying in friendship
Depend on one another when times are tough
Share your opinions with you friends
Help and respect each other
In friendship there is no ending
Picture your best days with your friends

by Grade 4

Best Friend Poems

Sure, it’s important to have multiple friends and surround yourself with many good people, but nothing beats that one friend that sticks closer than a brother. There’s nothing better than the friend that knows everything about you, the good, the bad, and the ugly and still chooses to love you and stick by your side day in and day out. A best friend is everything, and sometimes they’re the hardest to communicate to just how much you love and appreciate them.

The closer you are to someone the harder it is to be more vulnerable with them, but these best friend acrostic poems should make it easier. Simply copy and paste or write by hand into a birthday card and you’re good to go.

Let the poems do the talking.

Dark and light pink graphic

5. Friends shelter

From the departure of all worries
Refreshing beams from a source
In a new way with a bloom
Every passing moment is with this
No more troubles and no more pain
Destined for this path only to gain
Sailing through the winds on this thread
Hiking through the perils of this world
It’s a relationship with your friends

Passage and shelter, from all trends

by Samreena Lodhi

6. Friendship Worth

Friendship is worth more than gold
Really good friends go to the ends of the earth for you
Including people in games help build relationships
Each day friends will help boost you confidence
Never be disloyal to your friend
Differences help build friendships
Super friends will always be there for you

by P5

7. Best Friends

Believe in each other
Exchange silly stories
Share favorite clothes
Tell it like it is

Find the answers
Rely on each other
Inspire bravery
Encourage dreams
Never stop caring
Devise crazy schemes
Stand by each other

by Anonymous

Yellow background and hot pink circles

8. Friend


by Anonymous

9. Friendship

Fun with my friends
Respecting each other
I support my friends
Each day we laugh together
No need to worry, your friends are here
Doing cool stuff
Sharing and caring
Having lots of smiles
I trust my friends
Playing with my friends is wonderful

by Class 3E

Writing about friends can either be the easiest thing or the hardest thing. Whether you’re good with words or not, it can be tough to tell the people that you love that you love them and why. I’m not terribly well versed in the concept of words of affirmation, I would rather show you my love through acts of service or through quality time, but if I find the right poem that will portray the words I wish I knew how to say, then I’m going to utilize it! And I have definitely found some of those here today with these acrostic poem on friends, and I hope you have too.

If you’re still looking for some content to make you feel warm and cozy to appreciate the winter in full swing, try these 13 chill winter acrostic poems too! Acrostic poetry is so easy to get into and makes poetry easier to swallow than some of the classic poems. Enjoy!

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