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51 I Miss You Poems

Inside: Beautiful I Miss You Poems for when you cannot see someone you love. 

One of the most common themes for poetry and music is wishing to see someone you love, knowing that you cannot. “I Miss You” poems are heartbreaking because they are relatable to us all, as we all have missed a loved one at some point.

Whether you’re dealing with a breakup, a friend that has moved away, the loss of a loved one, or just simply being miles away from someone you want to see dearly, poetry that says “I Miss You” can help you find solace in your own feelings.

Take a look at some of our favorite “I Miss You” poems.

Miss you poems

“I Miss You” Short Poems

Here are a few short poems about longing to see someone dear to you.

  1. The Sea of Glass – “I looked and saw a sea / roofer over with rainbows, / In the midst of each / two lovers met and departed; / Then the sky was full of faces / with gold glories behind them.” —Ezra Pound
  2. Oh, How I Miss You – “oh, / how I miss the high of you / how you fill the entire room / how you make my heart rate / how I melt, undeniably, / into you” —Caroline White
  3. Remember Me – “I’ll always love you / I will never forget you / Please remember me…“ —Isabella Mercado
  4. I miss you – “You live in my heart / Thoughts of you consume my mind. / I miss all you are…” —Helen J Radford
  5. Are You Going to Stay? – This is a short poem by Thomas Meyer about not having the words for departure.
  6. The Want of You – “A hint of gold where the moon will be; / Through the flocking clouds just a star or two; / Leaf sounds, soft and wet and hushed, / And oh! the crying want of you.” —Angelina Weld Grimké
  7. The Kiss I Miss – “That kiss, that kiss / That childlike kiss / That pecky on the cheek kiss / That I am here kiss / That who the hell cares kiss / That kiss, that kiss I miss” —David Keig

I Miss you short poems

Heart-wrenching “Missing You” Poems

These “I Miss You” poems will tug at your heart strings.

  1. Love – This poem by Pablo Neruda is about forgetting someone you adored.
  2. Song of Myself, 29 – Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself, 29” is about the ache of parting.
  3. Choice – The speaker in “Choice” by Angela Morgan describes how they would choose their love over all else.
  4. Heavy Summer Rain – Jane Kenyon writes about how seasons remind us of those we have lost.
  5. Without You – Daniel Wofford’s “Without You” explores long days and nights without your loved one.
  6. What I Miss… – This “I Miss You” poem by Thalia Jones reminisces a lost friendship.
  7. Lost Before I Found You – This poem portrays the feeling of being lost before finding love, and the feeling of losing that relationship by Danielle Byrns.
  8. Missing You In Every Part of Life – Lorelei’s poem shows how you can see the person you’ve lost in everyday moments.
  9. Pieces of My Heart – This poem by Amanda-Lee Saucier describes feeling as though part of you is lost when you cannot meet someone you love.
  10. Miss you. Would like to grab that chilled tofu we love. – A description of reminiscing about everyday moments with your lover.
  11. Now that You Too Must Shortly Go – “Now that You Too Must Shortly Go” by Eleanor Farjeon is a devastating “I Miss You” poem about dreading the loss of a loved one.
  12. Again, These Days I Have Been Thinking Of You – A poem about wishing to see someone day after day.
  13. “Time does not bring relief; you all have lied” – Edna St. Vincent Millay reminds us that time does not heal all wounds.
  14. The Sounds of Missing You – The speaker of this poem misses their lost loved one and the sounds they once made.
  15. I Miss You – Janet Cowell describes missing everything about a person.
  16. Undone – This speaker wonders how their relationship with another has come unwound.
  17. I Miss You… – Poet Reem describes this piece as dedicated to someone they love that has given up, though they have not.

Missing you poetry for someone far away

“I Miss You” Poems for Someone Far Away

Poems that say “I miss you” to someone separated by distance, time, or death.

  1. Miles Away From The One I Love – “Miles Away From The One I Love” describes the pain of distance between lovers.
  2. I cannot live with You – Emily Dickinson is a master of emotional poetry. This poem describes separation.
  3. To a Dead Friend – This “I Miss You” poem by legendary poet Langston Hughes is about the sadness of losing a dear friend.
  4. Waiting for Your Call – Aria Aber writes of waiting for the call of a lost loved one.
  5. A Memory – Lola Ridge writes about memories of someone lost.
  6. Stuck in a Dream – This poem is about someone who dreams of someone they wish to see again, waking to realize they are gone.
  7. Annabel Lee – Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” is about missing a lover that has passed away.
  8. Are We There Yet? – Of longing to see a lost loved one in holidays and on average days.
  9. To Miss A Ghost – This poem describes longing to see someone lost to death.
  10. Dove, Interrupted – Lucie Brock-Broido’s speaker implores someone they have loved and lost to stop haunting their day to day.
  11. Voice Of My Aching Heart – An “I Miss You” poem that laments an empty, frustrating world without the one they have lost.

Poems about missing someone

More Beautiful “I Miss You” Poetry

“I Miss You” poems that tell the story of how missing someone affects your day to day life.

  1. I Never Meant To Say Goodbye – This “I Miss You” poem by Alex Angeles delves into watching someone you once loved live without you.
  2. For Who? – Mary Weston Forham’s “For Who?” is a vow to always think of the one they adore even while separated.
  3. Do You Miss Me? – This poem by Savannah Allison wonders if their loved one misses them.
  4. Miss Me Like I Miss You – Written by Allysyn Bryant, this piece asks, “Do you miss me like I miss you?”
  5. The Difference – “The Difference” by Thomas Hardy describes how beautiful sights are sad when you cannot see someone you love.
  6. Faded Love – Dashun Wingfield writes about a lost life, longing to see someone that they still care for but unsure if they remember you at all.
  7. Summer Solstice – A touching “I Miss You” poem about longing for someone in every season, and beginning to forget them.
  8. How It Used To Be – “How It Used To Be” shows how it feels to remember someone the way they used to be.
  9. The Day You Left – The speaker of this poem recalls the pain of realizing that one they love is gone forever.
  10. I Cry – A poem about hiding how you wish to see someone you care for deeply.
  11. I Miss You Only If You Miss Me – The speaker describes give and take in a relationship.
  12. I Will Miss You – Sara Magana describes departure, and the pain of that impending loss.
  13. You Will Always Hold My Heart – A tear-jerking poem about how lost loved ones remain in your heart and make you stronger.
  14. Love Letters – This “I Miss You” poem by Lynn Crosbie writes of a wife missing her husband.
  15. Without His Love – The speaker of “Without His Love” describes a cold world without their lover. 
  16. Poems for a sister you miss dearly.

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