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17 Black Love Poems

Inside : 17 touching black love poems, including black love poems for her and black love poems for him. 

It has been said that poetry is the language of love. For centuries, people have taken to poetry to express their innermost feelings and thoughts, and to create amazing art out of these complex and poignant emotions.

Love poems are steeped in passion, lust, appreciation, and romance.

These black love poems portray themes of love, but also the deep cultural connection within the African American community that adds a nuanced layer of intimacy to a romantic relationship. Sharing black love poems with your partner is a wonderful way to show them how much they truly mean to you and to make them feel seen, appreciated, and cared for.

Black Love Poems

Black Love Poems for Her

Black love activism is about unity, togetherness, and empowerment. These black love poems for her serve dual purposes. There are romantic pieces that can portray to a woman how important she is to you and how much you love her. Additionally, there are black love poems for her that are meant to be a source of empowerment and admiration for the strength and beauty of a black woman.

1. Woman of Worth by Nuria Groll. This empowering piece is about seeing yourself as a force of strength and capability.

2. Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou. Perhaps one of the most legendary activists in terms of feminism and equality, Maya Angelou’s poems beautifully embody the strength and intricacies that come with being a woman.

3. And I Have You by Nikki Giovanni. This touching love poem is simple, sweet, and romantic.

4. Melanin Monroe by Hannah Jones. This black love poem for her is all about celebrating these unique and beautiful qualities.

5. A Negro Love Song by Paul Laurence Dunbar. A creative piece with a deeply unique voice, that of Mr. Dunbar, an incredibly influential writer of the late 1800s.

6. True Beauty by Segovia Amil

7. The Black Woman by Lorraine Freeman

8. “My Black is Beautiful

From the color of my skin, to the texture of my hair, to the length of my strands, to the breadth of my smile,


To the stride of my gait, to the span of my arms, to the depth of my bosom, to the curve of my

hips, to the glow of my skin,

My Black is Beautiful.


It cannot be denied. It will not be contained. And only I will define it.


For when I look in my mirror, my very soul cries out,

My Black is Beautiful.


And so today, I speak it out loud, unabashedly, I declare it anew,

My Black is Beautiful.


Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated. Whether natural from inside or

skillfully applied,

My Black is Beautiful.


To my daughters, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins, my colleagues and my friends,

I speak for us all when I say again,


My Black is Beautiful.” Andria Thompson


9. “In the flush of love’s light

we dare be brave

and suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet it is only love which sets us free” –Maya Angelou


10. “The highway is full of big cars going nowhere fast


And folks is smoking anything that’ll burn


Some people wrap their lives around a cocktail glass


And you sit wondering

where you’re going to turn.

I got it.

Come. And be my baby.


Some prophets say the world is gonna end tomorrow


But others say we’ve got a week or two


The paper is full of every kind of blooming horror


And you sit wondering

what you’re gonna do.


I got it.


Come. And be my baby.” Maya Angelou

Poems About Love

Black Love Poems for Him

It can be difficult to try showing a man how much he means to you. There are only so many gifts to be bought and words to be said. Sometimes, a beautifully written poem is the best way to give such strong emotions meaning. These black love poems for him help convey the significance that your special someone has in your life. Moreover, some are written by famous African American activists and are a celebration of black love and life.

11. Heartbeats by  Melvin Dixon. A pioneer in LGBTQ writing, Mr. Dixon is also an important figure in black history, and this touching poem proves why.

12. Alternative Names for Black Boys by Danez Smith.

13. I, Too by Langston Hughes.

14. Canary by Rita Dove.

15. “My black bleeds the same color red

My black breaths the same air

My black causes death instead

Of life.

My black should live loud and free

My black is me.

My black loves you

My black loves are true.

My black served the same country


My black is set aside

Like last nights trash

Yet I ask, does your color

Mean right, and my black

Mean wrong?

What a sad black song.” –Sona Wilae


16. “African


I see you in the wind

Subtle, beautiful

The sun captures you,

from bloom to stem

Your dark attraction is intoxicating

Various shades you are,

Blue-violet, fuschia and pink

My favorite

The wind teases your petals,

Your color is rich,


Your petals are your crown

Where did you come from?

Usam Basa mountains of Kenya or Tanzania?

What do they call you?

They call you “Blue Boy”, but I like

“Pink Beauty”

I pluck you, and touch your petals…softly

Teasing the rim ever so gently

Let me plant you in my garden

Let my water flow around you,

In you, to nurture you” Miguel Edwards

Black love poetry for him


17.  “I have a loving black beloved,

His heart is full of reddish love.

When we silently walk side by side;

When one stealthily touches another;

A hasty wave reaches into the high.

When we sit together with full of shy;

When those bright eyes look on mines;

An odd wave swims on the flat rimes.


When he holds my shivering fingers;

His warm touch creates a silent fire–

In my body! In my mind!

When he comes a bit more closer–

I feel a sure earthquake in my heart–

But!!! All stops abruptly…

When those lips’ pair kisses on mines.


I have a loving black beloved,

His heart is full of reddish love.” Asma Hosna

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