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15 Coffee Poems To Wake You Up

Inside: Poems about coffee that will wake you up just like a morning cup ‘o joe 

Ah, coffee. Probably the only bright side to early morning rises! Whether your choice is a deliciously warm, home brewed cup, or a wonderful concoction of flavors from your favorite cafe, that first sip always resonates deeply within the soul. Coffee has gotten us through so much: late nights, early mornings, days that just seem to drag on and on.

It deserves some poetic recognition! Some may be surprised at how many coffee poems there are out there. Those of us who are regular coffee drinkers know very well that the feeling of waking up and grabbing a cup is definitely poetic in so many ways.

The ritual of a morning cup of coffee is something sacred for many people, so it is not a huge shock that it may have inspired some to create poetry about the experience!

Plus, grabbing a cup with a friend or as a first date makes the drink that much more lovely.

Poems about coffee

Coffee Rhymes

Adorable poems about coffee that use rhyme schemes as a literary device! With the rhymes, these all almost sound like nursery rhymes or songs about coffee, the feeling one gets upon the first sip, and the experience of sharing it with another.

1. A hot mug of coffee

In your morning hour

Wakes the senses

Like the sun wakes a flower

The feel of the steam

The heat of the mug

The warmth in your hands

Feels like a hug

The taste of the bean

The wet of the water

Tastes even better

When made by your daughter



2. Two steamy cups of tempting brew

one for me and one for you;

at a cozy little table

made for two.



3. Coffee Mixed With Friendship – A cute rhyming poem about how coffee tastes so much better when you’re sharing the experience with a friend.

4. Coffee – A Tanka Poem – This coffee rhyme mentions how without the narrator’s cups of coffee throughout the day, it would not run as smoothly or efficiently!

Coffee Poems

5. Coffee

The day is a dragged river,

a pint of flat bitter,

an out-of-tune zither,

a plate of chopped liver,

until, that is,

I have my first sippa coffee

and then it becomes





—Brian Bilston


6. I Love a Cup of Coffee

I love a cup of coffee

I like a brew or two

A mocha or a latte

either one will do

I love a cup of coffee

a cappuccino hits the spot

Sprinkle it with chocolate

and serve it piping hot


I love a cup of coffee

a short black or a long

Just push that little button

and make it nice and strong

I love a cup of coffee

espresso or flat white

And don’t add any sugar

as the taste is always right


I love a cup of coffee

a macchiato is just fine

I’d rather have a coffee

than have a glass of wine

I love that little coffee bean

dark or mild or light

No matter what the time of day

morning noon or night


So if I haven’t made it clear

I’ll say it once again

I love a cup of coffee

I love it in my hand.

—Jennifer Bates

Poems About Coffee

Coffee instills such feelings into many people, even to the point where they feel so compelled as to write about those feelings. Coffee is always so much more than just coffee. It is a mood booster, a start to a new day, something to do with others. The experience of coffee goes far beyond simply brewing it or buying it and drinking it.

Coffee poetry that rhymes

7. Prose Poem (“The morning coffee.”) by Ron Padgett – This lovely prose poem goes through the ritual of drinking a morning cup of coffee and the thoughts while doing so. It also includes a couple characters from a very famous nursery rhyme!

8. Thoughts From Within a Mug

coffee, so delicate, yet so simple.

it can give you the highest of buzzes,

to the deepest of thoughts.

coffee is a blank canvas.

the drinker is the artist.

splashing vibrant coats of sugar and milk,

creamer flowing from brushes.

Spoons clanking and stirring a beautiful picture.

creating a one of a kind work.

to each cup of coffee his own.

—Alicia D. Clarke


9. Coffee Love – A short and sweet piece that relates the comfort and feeling of drinking a cup of coffee to those that one feels through love.

10. Espresso

Trembling fingers hold

This brimming cup.

Coffee staring blankly.

Mirrored silence.

Bitter taste invades.

My tongue, no longer

Tastes. Scent of bliss

Lingers in my veins.

I drink too soon, cup

Upends, its contents

Spilled in my lap. Reflected

My soul and my heart.

—Joseph Yzrael


11. Morning Cup of Coffee by Theresa Quinn – The narrator of this poem is reflecting on all the people around the world who not only consume coffee but are a part of the process of creating it so that she can enjoy it every morning.


12. You’re my first thought in the morning

You are my reason to wake up

Without you I would still be snoring

I can’t wait to have you in my cup!



Energizing Coffee Poems

Coffee can connect us in many ways. It connects friends, co-workers, lovers, and family. Whenever you don’t know what to do with another person, the best solution is always: grab a cup of coffee together!

13.Coffee Excitement by Jennae Cecelia – A motivating and inspirational poem about how everyday is one day closer to becoming your best self!

14.You Are Like Coffee – A beautiful poem comparing one’s lover to a cup of coffee.

15.Coffee Poem by Richard Brautigan – This poem is written in the style of prose and tells the story about how coffee can connect people even in time in which they feel disconnected from one another.

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