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Popcorn Poem

23 Salty Popcorn Poem Ideas

Inside: Popcorn poems with enough salt to enjoy with your turkeys & movie nights.

I find that one of the most beautiful things about poetry is that it has no limitations. You can write poetry about anything. Love, music, shoes…the possibilities are endless. Funnily enough, one of my favorite kinds of poems is the ones that are written about normal, everyday things.

There is just something so magical about taking the mundane and giving it a new angle. These things aren’t really celebrated the way that they should be. We really have a tendency to take things for granted, and spending a little of your time writing or reading about things that you normally overlook is such a great way to form a new appreciation for the little things in life.

So I’ve made it my mission to try and incorporate more poems about average things. I wanted to share the love!

Salty popcorn movie poems

Today’s focus: everyone’s favorite movie snack. Popcorn! That’s right, I bet you never thought that there could be such a thing as popcorn poetry. Well, there is and I have the list to prove it. I gathered some of the best poetry about popcorn that I could find here on the internet for you to take a look at.

By the end of this list, you’ll probably be heading to the kitchen to make your own. Oh who am I kidding, you’ll probably be up mid-read!

But before we get to that, I thought we should take a moment to learn about how popcorn came to be. After all, we are taking our time to celebrate things we normally overlook, so we might as well learn a bit about where it came from while we are at it.

The History of Popcorn

You can’t spell Popcorn without corn(obviously). So we can’t talk about the history of this salty treat without first talking about the history of corn itself! It is speculated that corn was grown as a crop roughly 9000 years ago. It wasn’t until recently that we found the first evidence of popcorn in Peru. They actually unearthed a cob of corn from over 6000 years ago…with its kernels puffed! There is evidence that corn was consumed all over Mesoamerica, as well as the north and south Americas.

Popcorn was most likely able to be enjoyed for a few main factors: Its versatility, its nutrition, and its the ability to stay good for long periods of time. Not to mention, in order to make popcorn you really only need one thing to make it go POP…and that is, of course, fire!

Pretty funny to think that our ancestors were eating popcorn too. I wonder if it was also their go-to snack for sitting around the fire and hearing stories. Their popcorn was different than the way we consume it now, due to how it was dried. It was probably much crunchier, but a yummy snack all the same.

So, now that we understand how everyone’s favorite low-calorie snack got its roots, we can get started with the good stuff: the poems.

I think learning about its background just makes you appreciate this food that much more!

Acrostic Popcorn Poem

Cute Acrostic Popcorn Poems

For these first poems, I wanted to give you the cutest ones I could find. Which was pretty easy, considering popcorn is actually a surprisingly adorable topic. I made sure to include different forms of poems. Rhyming, Acrostic, and a few others. You are bound to read something on this list to make you smile.

I recommend getting your popcorn now, that way you can have the full experience!

1. Popcorn

Life is like popcorn,
with sudden bursts
and noise,
and rush
and excitement
and panic
and commotion
and surprises

-Molly Hughes


O-ut of this world
R-really yummy
N-ever out of style

-Leaya Reinhardt

3. Popcorn

I hear the pop, pop, pop.

I smell something buttery

I see something white

I feel something soft

I taste something salty.


4. Popcorn Popping

Pop, Pop, Popcorn,

Popping in the pot!

Pop, pop, Popcorn,

Eat it while its Hot!

Pop, pop, popcorn,

Butter on top!

When I eat popcorn,

I can’t stop.


5. Popcorn!

Let us for the new all room make.
You say my schooner is upside down
and I say my umbrella is enviable.
The gigantic punishment the sun
says something about broken glass
making every room sparkle-sashed,
every bright beauty terrifies,
the furious gift the sun mugs
through its Rilke routine with its boots
unzipped. With its Italian leather boots
zipped down. What could be
could be better. Think hard, sail
hard, love hard, in the new there should be
a window through which we come
and go as we please without opening
a vein. Midnight and noon square dancing
on the empty stage should be. The ocean,
because always the ocean. The taxis,
because after this, we will be
in no shape to drive. Let us give thanks
for vehicles imagined into real, for
the wings we think onto things
and isn’t it a disorienting play date,
this breathing business, the seethe
of witness and acting, achtung! and all
variance? Let us lick our glossiest lips
at the varying variance. We now
return you to your original question.
One answer is popcorn.

-Marc McKee

6. Microwave Popcorn

I think a lot of y’all have just been watching Dr. King get beat
up and, ah

vacillating opportunists straining for a note of
militancy and ah

Hold your great buildings on my tiny wing or in my tiny
palm same thing different sling

and then they shot him and uh left him on the front
lawn of everyone’s vulgar delirium
for having been chosen walking home that night
that’ll show you like candy and love
god openly reverse order

A bird gets along beautifully in the air, but once she is on the
ground that special equipment hampers her a great deal.

And Thereby home never gets to be a jaded
resting place.

-Harmony Holiday

7. Popcorn Can Cover

Popcorn-can cover
screwed to the wall
over a hole
      so the cold
can’t mouse in
-Lorine Niedecker

8. A Bag of Popcorn

I had me a bag of popcorn today
It tasted exceptionally good
In fact, I will go as far as to say
Better then it probably should

For years, I had a guard in the pen
Popped him a bag each night
Then he would simply throw it away
His twisted little delight

He knew, it was those little things
Ate at our heart and soul
Movie with the wife Friday night
Popcorn in the bowl

I had a bag of popcorn today
Wife sitting at my side
I had a smile, which lasted awhile
One I could not hide

They ask me why I’m so happy
Asking me, if I won a prize
I replied, I reckon I did
Today is a wonderful surprise

-Michael Jordan

9. To the Dandelion in the Concrete

You probably don’t think much of me
save for the season of spring
when your lawn litters itself
with giant over-buttered popcorn

-Timothy Hicks

10. Popcorn

Oh, you salty, buttery temptress.

What kind of relationship do we have,

if I cannot get through a movie without you.


11. Break Up Food

When I’m not in the mood
I eat break up food
And watch movies all night
Ruin my sight
Popcorn stuck in my braces
Slurp soda, make funny faces
Laugh at stupid stuff
When things are sad, I give a loud huff
But every emotion is defined
I’ll watch movies of any kind
To make me laugh or cry
To help thoughts go away of… the guy
But man I love break up food
It really gets me in a good mood!

– Jen. H.

Popcorn Poetry

Great Popcorn Poems

This next list includes some ones that I just couldn’t leave out of this article. These have really opened my eyes to the universal love that is held for popcorn. Food truly does connect us in the most unexpected ways, and popcorn is no exception to this rule. Keep on reading to see if any of these make you smile, a few of them definitely had my cheeks hurting!

I may just have to get a refill on my popcorn before continuing.

12.  Our Love Was Like Popcorn

Ready to explode
Wait a minute, don’t leave me
Things will get butter

Alec Astair

13. Popcorn

just like popcorn –

those soft, incredible clouds
appearing from what
once was

rock –

my thoughts are formed.

out of nowhere,
another pops into my mind,
joining it’s fellow corns,

only to later

be consumed,
and discarded

by people who



14. Popcorn Silly

Popcorn salty, popcorn sweet
popcorn toffee, luxury treat
popcorn plain, popcorn simple
many sprouted me a pimple

Chew it slow, chew it safe
chew it fast, pull a face
make it last, make it linger
got one stuck on my finger

Hard kernels what I fear
bitten many, brought a tear
tum filled fillings – teeth now gone
popcorn has done me wrong

Popcorn never more I eat
upteen sits in dentist seat
new teeth, my gums await
soft foods always on my plate.

-Emilia James 

15. A Popcorn Afternoon

My toes are cold,
as I sit watching old Black & White movies on TV.
The popcorn is salty, and my mind wanders off
to yardwork that needs to be tended to.
The day is too long, but never long enough,
for the solitary life that swallows me up.
Shall I go get my slippers, or sit here and suffer?
So many mundane items to check off my list.
A list written in blood on a rain smudged window,
that never is open to the fresh air.
Dozing off, popcorn spills, scattering on the floor.|
Startled, the cat runs off to hide.
Time to get up, to find where I am, who I am,
as my cold bare toes hit the floor,
crushing kernels of salty popcorn underneath.

-Ann Christine Tabaka

16. A Popcorn Song

Sing a song of pop corn
When the snowstorms rage;
Fifty little kernels
Put into a cage.
Shake them till they laugh and leap
Crowding to the top;
Watch them burst their little coats
Pop!! Pop!! Pop!!

Sing a song of pop corn
In the firelight;
Fifty little fairies
Robed in fleecy white.
Through the shining wires see
How they skip and prance
To the music of the flames;
Dance!! Dance!! Dance!!

Sing a song of pop corn
Done the frolicking;
Fifty little fairies
Strung upon a string.
Cool and happy, hand in hand,
Sugar-spangled, fair;
Isn’t that a necklace fit
For any child to wear?

-Nancy Byrd Turner

17.  Popcorn & Salt


Golden grenades
snap, pop
propelled by pressure
compressed as water.

White spongy jumpers
explode, freezing
in mid-flight. Eacher
uniquer than snowflakes.


The extra doses sits
on my lips.
A thirsty flavor
I often savor.

Laurie AK

18. Poem in Noisy Mouthfuls

Can’t stop eating you, movie-style extra butter microwave popcorn.
Can’t stop watching you, rented movie about an immigrant family
from Lebanon. Can’t help but weep, seeing the family wave

goodbye to relatives in the Beirut airport—tear salt mixing with
popcorn salt. Can’t hide my mess, myself from the friend beside me.
Can’t answer his question, Does it remind you of your family, leaving China?

-Chen Chen 

19. Ode To Popcorn

I pour the shape-shifters
out of the old Mason jar into the pan.
The color of honey, sleek
in their pile of streamlined sibs,
not one of them cares if they’re on top,
no rivalries, no grasping,
nothing falsified from skin to core,
no hint about what’s pent inside
their quarter inch of seed,
that only gets expressed
when, as now, they’re being boiled in oil.
Soon they’ll snap the strappings of their haiku form,
explode ten times their size,
go wild, expressionist; no two the same:
fist, cloud, snapdragon, cauliflower,
elephant man, barnacle, meringue, a bowl
of almost weightless meteors,
an orchestra of mutant trumpets
all playing off-white tunes, although,
in each, their husk remains, in caves
or sunk in sockets like weird eyes.
For flakes like these, no way back
to raindrop symmetry. A little salt and butter,
then on to meet their call: to melt
in mouths that crave a hint of paradise.

-Peter Harris

20. Movie & Popcorn

Popcorn popping
in a pan
salt and spices
yes you can
shake it quickly
please don’t burn
melted butter
now my turn

splitting gums
but oh so yummms
so buttery and salty
push play
pause resumed
fresh popped
a Movie

-Genice Lorraine

Popcorn Poem

21. Corn Popped to Popcorn

Today I saw some corn
Sitting on a shelf
Three pieces of small corn
Keeping to themselves

One did pop to popcorn
The others kept it warm
Then two and three popped also
No more sweet little corn

Kept each other warm
To open up and see
What a beautiful world
For a popcorn to live……

In the mouths of you and me.

-Angela Tune

22. Snow Ghosts

Rime, a crunchy, rough, as it glows prime snow
On the surface of all that snow, like a white cameo
Popcorn or Styrofoam plastered at zero below
Rippled from the nemesis cold wind, frozen curling overflow
Onto naked trees and all, when it comes, Rime it does grow
On windy mountaintops that tumble to and fro
As it goes on windward side that blows
Black and white collection of snow ghosts show
A nemesis on the premises when it’s zero below.

-Eve Roper

Popcorn Turkey Poem

The Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey shot out of the oven
and rocketed into the air,
it knocked every plate off the table
and partly demolished a chair.

It ricocheted into a corner
and burst with a deafening boom,
then splattered all over the kitchen,
completely obscuring the room.

It stuck to the walls and the windows,
it totally coated the floor,
there was turkey attached to the ceiling,
where there’d never been turkey before.

It blanketed every appliance,
It smeared every saucer and bowl,
there wasn’t a way I could stop it,
that turkey was out of control.

I scraped and I scrubbed with displeasure,
and thought with chagrin as I mopped,
that I’d never again stuff a turkey
with popcorn that hadn’t been popped.

– D. Jack Prelutsky

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